Frequently asked questions

Can dogs transfer Covid-19?

Recent evidence shows that there is no proof that the virus responsible for COVID-19 can be passed from dogs to humans. Covid-19's main source of infection is human-to-human transmission and there is no current evidence to suggest your dog poses any significant risk to your health. However, whilst extremely low risk, there is some evidence to show that the virus could be passed from person to person, via a dog’s fur, collar, lead, toys or food. Pet Trails adheres to all current goverment guidelines and we are happy to discuss any requirements you have relating to this.

What happens once I decide I need a dog walker/pet sitter?

You will have a consultation with our director Catherine, who will discuss your requirements over the telephone. Following this conversation, Catherine will book a mutually agreed time to come and visit you and your pet at your home which will be at no cost to you. During this visit, she will discuss your pets personality, quirks, needs and requirements as well as yours. Once you decide to proceed with Pet Trails, we will ask you to complete relevent documents in line with GDPR regulations.

What does a social walk consist of?

Our social walk consists of carefully selected pooches, who have all had their temperaments and personalities matched to the most appropriate personality mix of other dogs. This ensures all group walks are nicely balanced and are a safe and enjoyable experience for all our dogs. This is an imperative part of Pet Trails ethos, to ensure all dogs are truly happy with their chums!

Do you collect my dogs or do I have to bring them to you?

We collect all dogs from your home.

Do you have special equipment to transport my dogs?

Yes, our vehicles all have individual, lockable dog crates, cool, or warm mats, water, treats and comfortable lining. We have air conditioning and heating in all our vans.

How do I make a booking?

All bookings for the week ahead need to be made via a text message to Catherine by Saturday midday on 07880 887 068. We aim to shortly move across to an online booking system. However, our current priority is to ensure well matched dogs are selected for each group, which online bookings systems, cannot currently provide. We are working on this!

When do we pay for your services?

All clients are invoiced at the end of each month, all payments are due by the last working day of the same month.

What do you do at a home visit?

Our pet sitting includes visiting your pets, feeding them as per your instructions, issuing medication, giving fresh water, play time, cuddles, litter cleaning and tidying up after your pets.

Can I ask for a specific time?

Yes you can, all our bookings are made within an agreed time frame. You will be given a choice of session times for walks (all group walks are between 11am-3pm). This will be discussed with each client and will depend on the best group your dog is suited to. Home visits are outside group walking times, so between 7am-10am for AM visits and PM visits between 3pm-7pm.

What happens in an emergency? Do I complete any forms?

Yes, we retain information you provide on your emergency contacts, vets and specific wishes and this will all be discussed upon our initial meeting.

What kind of animals do you look after?

We look after all animals. We have dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, giant snails, reptiles, guinea pigs, frogs, chinchillas and many more in our Pet Trails animal community!

Are all your staff DBS checked?

All our staff are DBS checked. Work with Pet Trails cannot commence until this is completed and a clear DBS has been received.

What happens in severe weather?

In extreme heat, cold or snow, we will contact you to discuss the best and safest options for your pets. We monitor weather forecasts to plan ahead. We put the safety of your animals before the requirements of the business and any financial profit. For those clients who really need our services during extreme weather conditons - we do offer a home visit option.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance and provide this for all clients to see along with all other documents on DBS checks and qualifications.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at full rate.

Do you have further questions?

If so please feel free to contact us on 07880 887 068 or admin@pettrails.co.uk Or via our social media pages.

Do you charge a late payment fee?

Yes, all payments must be received on the last day of each month. Late payment fee will apply otherwise.

What is Pet Trails main priority?

To ensure that we provide outstanding levels of care at all times, that your pets are happy, safe, having fun and being looked after to the highest standards provided by professional animal carers. Our priority is your pet's welfare above anything else and we're proud of the outstanding reputation we have aquired for the excellent levels of care we provide.